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Tawasoul’s main prospective is to promote communication among the deaf, their parents and people around them by presenting an Arabic Sign Language (ARSL) education tool which helps to translate text to 3D animation sign language.     more...


The Translator of Tawasoul allows users to enter an Arabic text and view the Arabic signs that are related to the entered text.

The Dictionary of Tawassol is a basic vocabulary guide for users who wants to learn ARSL. It consists of several categories. Each one contains a related group of words.

Finger spelling of Tawasoul helps users to write documents in sign alphabetic letters by converting the entered Arabic text to sign language text.




  • 3D Animations of ARSL expressions. These include hand signs, mouth and eyes expressions.

  • Morphological Analyzers which analyze the Arabic text to show the related ARSL animation.

  • User Friendly and easy-to-use interface.

  • Categorize ARSL vocabulary dictionary.

  • Sign language text editor.

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