Most of the civilized world's concern is focused on building up the individual by means of bridging the cultural gap among the peoples. We realize the need to establish such bridges of communication. We have to help people of the deaf/hard of hearing group who need to communicate with the others in order to exchange knowledge and establish bases of mutual understanding, and provide this group with the latest updates to keep them abreast of development in all areas.

The sign language is considering as the first language of the deaf people where the written Arabic as a second language. Sign language is a language that uses a system of manual, facial, and other body movements as the means of communication.

Arabic Sign Language (ARSL) has been recently recognized and documented. Many efforts have been made to establish the sign language used in individual countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and the Gulf States, by trying to standardize the language and spread it among members of the deaf community and those concerned.

Tawassol's main prospective is to promote communication among the deaf, their parents and people around them by presenting an Arabic Sign Language (ARSL) education tool which helps to translate text to 3D animation sign language.

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